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Impact of CFD Quiz Questions 18 Tests pdf Download

Practice mechanical engineering MCQ test 18 to learn impact of cfd quiz online. Download mechanical engg quiz questions and answers to learn computational fluid dynamics. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on impact of cfd, finite difference method, purpose of cfd, transformation of equation worksheets.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as solution of nervier stroke equation is, answer key with choices as flow velocity, force, area and none of these to test study skills. For online learning, study computational fluid dynamics multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Impact of CFD Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 18

Impact of CFD Quiz

MCQ. Solution of Nervier stroke equation is

  1. flow velocity
  2. force
  3. area
  4. None of these


Finite difference method Quiz

MCQ. Numerical method for solving differential equations by approximating them with difference equations is called

  1. Finite volume
  2. Finite difference
  3. Finite element
  4. None of these


Purpose of CFD Quiz

MCQ. Smallest section of nozzle is called

  1. venturi
  2. duct
  3. throat
  4. divergent


Purpose of CFD Quiz

MCQ. Region of flow trailing a body where effect of that body is felt on velocity field is called

  1. flow region
  2. wake
  3. trailing region
  4. velocity region


Transformation of Equation Quiz

MCQ. Test used to check accuracy of solution is called

  1. grid independence test
  2. solution test
  3. optimal test
  4. aspect test