Leadership Quiz Questions 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice leadership quiz, mngt quiz 1 to learn. Free mngt MCQs questions and answers to learn leadership MCQs with answers.

Free leadership worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as managers can show their influence in three directions i.e. managing upwards (managing boss), managing team, managing stakeholders. managing boss would mean, answer key with choices as to take decisions without prior notice and consent of the senior manager and complete the task, communicate with the senior managers to get your work done, communicate with the lower staff to finish the work timely and understand the working style of the senior managers and work accordingly to test study skills. For eLearning viva, interview prep, study online introduction to management multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Leadership 1 Download PDF

Leadership Quiz

MCQ. Managers can show their influence in three directions i.e. managing upwards (managing boss), Managing team, managing stakeholders. Managing boss would mean

  1. To take decisions without prior notice and consent of senior manager and complete task
  2. communicate with senior managers to get your work done
  3. Communicate with lower staff to finish work timely
  4. Understand working style of senior managers and work accordingly


Strategic Planning Process Quiz

MCQ. Most commonly used analysis in strategic planning of organization is SWOT analysis. It consists of

  1. Support, work load, Organization, Threats,
  2. Strengths, workload, Opportunities, Threats
  3. Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  4. Support, weaknesses, organization, threats


Motivational Theory of Management Quiz

MCQ. According to Maslow's hierarchy theory, in order to motivate an employee there are five basic needs that are meant to be fulfilled step by step. Choose correct order of needs from following

  1. Security, Physiological, Social, Esteem recognition, Self actualization
  2. Esteem recognition, Self actualization, Physiological, Social, Security
  3. Physiological, Security, Social, esteem recognition, Self actualization
  4. Physiological, Social, Security, Self actualization, Esteem recognition


Operating Cycle Quiz

MCQ. Time period for one complete operating cycle is equivalent to sum of all steps involved while subtracting the

  1. Credit period given by traders or suppliers
  2. Loan used for manufacturing process
  3. Dividend paid to shareholders
  4. Current liabilities of company


Management Basics Quiz

MCQ. CFOs, CIOs, COOs all are required to report CEO in any organization. Here CFO stands for

  1. Chief fraud-detection officer
  2. Chief functional officer
  3. Chief financial officer
  4. Chief funding officer