Employees Performance Quiz Questions and Answers 57 PDF Download

Learn employees performance quiz, MBA HRM quiz 57 for online learning. Free human resource management MCQs questions and answers to practice employees performance MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on employees performance, executive compensation, performance appraisal rater errors, equal employment laws and concepts, retention management system worksheets.

Free employees performance worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as in measuring performance of individual employees, relationship between factors such as ability, support and effort is shown as, answer key with choices as ability x support x effort, ability + effort + support, ability -effort + support and none of above problem solving to test study skills. For online learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study individual performance & employee retention multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Employees Performance Video

Quiz on Employees Performance Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 57

Employees Performance Quiz

MCQ. In measuring performance of individual employees, the relationship between the factors such as ability, support and effort is shown as

  1. ability x support x effort
  2. ability + effort + support
  3. ability -effort + support
  4. none of above


Executive Compensation Quiz

MCQ. The subgroup made of all the directors who are not working officers of the firm is called

  1. perks committee
  2. compensation committee
  3. incentives committee
  4. planning committee


Performance Appraisal Rater Errors Quiz

MCQ. The performance appraisal error effect created when the information received firstly get more rating by raters than others is classified as

  1. central tendency error
  2. rater bias
  3. recency effect
  4. primacy effect


Equal Employment Laws and Concepts Quiz

MCQ. The formal document compiled by the employers which is submitted to enforcement agencies every year is considered as

  1. disparate action plan
  2. legislative action plan
  3. affirmative action plan
  4. retaliation action plan


Retention Management System Quiz

MCQ. The recruiting expense, relocation costs and employment testing costs are classified as

  1. separation costs
  2. productivity costs
  3. training costs
  4. hiring costs