Pay Increase Issues Quiz Questions 3 Tests pdf Download

Practice pay increase issues quizzes, MBA HRM quiz 3 to learn. Free human resource management MCQs questions and answers to learn pay increase issues MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on pay increase issues, developing jobs: individuals and teams, training plans and learning objectives, training development, benefits administration worksheets.

Free pay increase issues worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as concept in which whole or part of yearly pay increase is paid as single payment is called, answer key with choices as consumer price index adjustment, lump sum increase, cost of living adjustment and all of above to test study skills. For eLearning, study online compensation strategies & practices multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Pay Increase Issues Video

Quiz on Pay Increase Issues Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 3

Pay Increase Issues Quiz

MCQ. Concept in which whole or part of yearly pay increase is paid as single payment is called

  1. consumer price index adjustment
  2. lump sum increase
  3. cost of living adjustment
  4. all of above


Developing Jobs: Individuals and Teams Quiz

MCQ. In an organization, arrangement of duties, responsibilities and tasks to accomplish desired results is classified as

  1. job design
  2. validation design
  3. reliability design
  4. rethinking design


Training Plans and Learning Objectives Quiz

MCQ. Elementary way of employee learning in which employees of an organization copy behaviors of someone else is classified as

  1. behavioral modeling
  2. active modeling
  3. spaced modeling
  4. massed modeling


Training Development Quiz

MCQ. Completion time of training, cost of resources and number of trainees are variables that must be considered in

  1. selection of employees
  2. delivery of productivity
  3. delivery of training
  4. delivery of performance


Benefits Administration Quiz

MCQ. Account which allows employees to buy additional benefits by contributing pretax dollars is classified as

  1. fixed spending account
  2. flexible spending account
  3. contributory spending account
  4. noncontributory spending account