Performance Measurement & Benchmarking Quiz Questions 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice performance measurement & benchmarking quiz, MBA HRM quiz 1 to learn. Free human resource management MCQs questions and answers to learn performance measurement & benchmarking MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on performance measurement and benchmarking, diversity, equal employment and affirmative action, evaluation of training, development approach, work schedules and locations worksheets.

Free performance measurement & benchmarking worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as operating cost for new system is added into implementation cost and is then divided by gains by improvements in productivity is called, answer key with choices as economic value added, analysis of benefits, return on investment and return on public offering to test study skills. For eLearning and interviews prep, study online strategic human resource management multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Performance Measurement & Benchmarking Video

Quiz on Performance Measurement & Benchmarking Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 1

Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Quiz

MCQ. Operating cost for new system is added into implementation cost and is then divided by gains by improvements in productivity is called

  1. economic value added
  2. analysis of benefits
  3. return on investment
  4. return on public offering


Diversity, Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Quiz

MCQ. Process in which organization employer identify problems, set new standards and taking positive steps for corrections is classified as

  1. confirmative action
  2. reverse action
  3. affirmative action
  4. protective action


Evaluation of Training Quiz

MCQ. Reduction in turnover rate, rise in production, change in attitudes and less supervisory needs are classified as

  1. post measure variables
  2. pre-measures variables
  3. typical costs
  4. typical benefits


Development Approach Quiz

MCQ. Online development, coaching, committee assignments and job rotation are methods for development approach called

  1. psychological testing
  2. succession planning method
  3. job site methods
  4. off-site methods


Work Schedules and Locations Quiz

MCQ. Process in which jobs are done through telecommunication devices or other electronic computing are classified as

  1. on go communication
  2. mobility jobs
  3. mobile offices
  4. telecommuting