HR Careers and Development Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn hr careers and development multiple choice questions (MCQs), HRM test 1 for online exams. Practice development approach MCQs questions and answers on development approach, career progression, needs analysis with answers. Free hr careers and development quiz, online study guide has helping answer key with choices as succession planning method, psychological testing, job site methods and off-site methods of multiple choice questions as online development, coaching, committee assignments and job rotation are methods for development approach called to test learning skills for viva exam preparation and job's interview questions. Study to learn development approach quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test. Development Approach Video

MCQ on HR Careers and Development Quiz PDF Download Test 1

MCQ. The online development, coaching, committee assignments and job rotation are methods for the development approach called

  1. psychological testing
  2. succession planning method
  3. job site methods
  4. off-site methods


MCQ. The career period in which individuals have gained external rewards and are concerned about contribution, integrity and values is classified as

  1. late career period
  2. career end period
  3. early career period
  4. mid-career period


MCQ. The psychological testing, performance appraisals and the assessment centers are methods used to assess

  1. development needs
  2. staffing needs
  3. tactile learning
  4. massed learning


MCQ. The organizational restructurings and downsizings in any firm leads to

  1. early retirement
  2. increase in salary
  3. self-assessment
  4. reality feedback


MCQ. The techniques such as class room courses, business games, outdoor trainings and sabbaticals are classified as

  1. psychological test techniques
  2. succession planning techniques
  3. job site techniques
  4. off-site techniques