Low Cost Manufacturers MCQs for MBA Test 9 PDF Download

MBA quiz 9 to learn basic marketing test & MCQs. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on low cost manufacturers, islamic banking, monopoly, brand, perfect competition.

This study guide includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) as prime cause that several firms, answer key with choices as they can generate more advertising, they can please top management., they can gain tax advantages and they can set lower prices that result in greater sales and profits to test study skills. For e-learning, study online basic marketing multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Low Cost Manufacturers Quiz Worksheet 9 Quiz PDF Download

Low Cost Manufacturers Quiz

MCQ. Prime cause that several firms

  1. they can generate more advertising
  2. they can please top management.
  3. they can gain tax advantages
  4. they can set lower prices that result in greater sales and profits


Islamic Banking Quiz

MCQ. Earliest Islamic bank was established in Malaysia in

  1. 1980
  2. 1983
  3. 1982
  4. 1988


Monopoly Quiz

MCQ. Costs or advantages of an action do not influence third parties are

  1. perfect information
  2. imperfect market
  3. no externalities
  4. property rights


Brand Quiz

MCQ. Mainly, chief resource of authority throughout allocation channel is

  1. company
  2. brand
  3. distributor
  4. customer


Perfect Competition Quiz

MCQ. An model of a monopolistically competitive company is

  1. Farmer Jones's wheat farm
  2. Post Breakfast Cereals
  3. TCI Cablevision, a supplier of cable T.V. services
  4. T.J.'s Clothes, a local retail clothing store