Types of Products MCQs for MBA Test 4

Practice MBA MCQs test 4 to learn types of products quiz online, Here, you may find questions to study MBA test on topic four ps of marketing. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on types of products, services marketing, four p's, islamic banking, processing order,.

This study guide includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) as a good can be categorized as tangible or with answering options raw materials, commodities, intangible and services to test study skills. For e-learning, study online four ps of marketing multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Types of Products - Worksheet 4

Types of Products Quiz

MCQ. A good can be categorized as tangible or

  1. raw materials.
  2. commodities.
  3. intangible.
  4. services.


Services Marketing Quiz

MCQ. Marketing of services, as opposite to physical products is

  1. services marketing.
  2. marketing mix.
  3. advertising.
  4. right-time marketing.


Four P's Quiz

MCQ. Step which is not related to product life cycle is

  1. growth stage.
  2. cash cow stage.
  3. maturity stage.
  4. introduction stage.


Islamic Banking Quiz

MCQ. A bank is considered as a custodian and trustee of money is

  1. Wadiah.
  2. safekeeping.
  3. a & b.
  4. Hibah.


Processing order Quiz

MCQ. More instability in currency is called as

  1. country risk.
  2. financial risk.
  3. currency risk.
  4. liquidity risk.


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