Double Angle Identities Quiz Questions 87 pdf Download

Practice college math MCQ test 87 to learn double angle identities quiz online. Find questions to study math quiz on trigonometric identities. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on double angle identities, parametric functions, when q(x) has non-repeated linear factors, arithmetic mean (am),.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as 2cosαcosβ = with answering options cos(α + β)+ cos(α - β), cos(α + β)- cos(α - β), sin(α + β)+ sin(α - β) and sin(α + β)- sin(α - β) to test study skills. For e-learning, study online trigonometric identities multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Double Angle Identities - Worksheet 87

Double Angle Identities Quiz

MCQ. 2cosαcosβ =

  1. cos(α + β)+ cos(α - β).
  2. cos(α + β)- cos(α - β).
  3. sin(α + β)+ sin(α - β).
  4. sin(α + β)- sin(α - β).


Parametric Functions Quiz

MCQ. X = asecθ, y = btanθ are parametric equations of

  1. circle.
  2. parabola.
  3. ellipse.
  4. hyperbola.


Double Angle Identities Quiz

MCQ. Cos(α + β)-cos(α - β) =

  1. 2sinαcosβ.
  2. 2cosαsinβ.
  3. 2cosαcosβ.
  4. −2sinαsinβ.


when Q(x) has non-repeated linear factors Quiz

MCQ. X/(x+a)(x-a) =

  1. 1/2(x-a) + 1/2(x+a).
  2. 1/2(x2-a) + 1/2(x+a).
  3. 1/2(x2+a) + 1/2(x-a).
  4. None of Above.


Arithmetic Mean (AM) Quiz

MCQ. A sequence in which any term divided by its immediate previous term gives a constant is called

  1. geometric sequences.
  2. arithmetic sequences.
  3. real sequence.
  4. complex sequences.

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