Trigonometry Basics Quiz Questions 76 Tests pdf Download

Practice college math MCQ test 76 to learn trigonometry basics quiz online. Free math quiz questions and answers to learn application of basic identities. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on trigonometry basics, geometric mean, composition of functions, measuring angles units worksheets.

Free math worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as 1 - tanθtanphi/1 + tanθtanphi =, answer key with choices as cos(θ+phi), cos(θ-phi), cos(θ+phi)/cos(θ-phi) and none of above to test study skills. For e-learning, study online application of basic identities multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Trigonometry Basics: Worksheets 76 Quiz pdf Download

Trigonometry Basics Quiz

MCQ. 1 - tanθtanphi/1 + tanθtanphi =

  1. cos(θ+phi)
  2. cos(θ-phi)
  3. cos(θ+phi)/cos(θ-phi)
  4. None of Above


Geometric Mean Quiz

MCQ. Two geometric means between a and b are

  1. a(b/a)1/2,b
  2. a(a/b)1/2,b
  3. a(b/a)1/2,b
  4. ab


Composition of functions Quiz

MCQ. If ƒ(x) = sin(x) and g(x) = cos(x), then (gof)(x) =

  1. sin(x)cos(x)
  2. tan(x)
  3. sin(cos(x))
  4. cos(sin(x))


Measuring Angles Units Quiz

MCQ. 60th part of one minute is called one

  1. minute
  2. radian
  3. degree
  4. second


Composition of functions Quiz

MCQ. If ƒ(x) = sinh(x) and g(x) = sin(x),then (fog)(x) =

  1. sinh(sin(x))
  2. sin(sinh(x))
  3. sinh(xsin(x))
  4. tanh(x)

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