Parametric Functions Quiz Questions 7 Tests pdf Download

Practice college math MCQ test 7 to learn parametric functions quiz online. Free math quiz questions and answers to learn functions and limits. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on parametric functions, introduction to functions and limits, introduction to sets, functions and groups, college math, hyperbolic functions worksheets.

Free math worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as equations x = 3cost and y = 3sint represent eqation of, answer key with choices as line, circle, parabola and hyperbola to test study skills. For e-learning, study online functions and limits multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Parametric Functions: Worksheets 7 Quiz pdf Download

Parametric Functions Quiz

MCQ. Equations x = 3cost and y = 3sint represent eqation of

  1. line
  2. circle
  3. parabola
  4. hyperbola


Introduction to Functions and Limits Quiz

MCQ. If f:X→Y is a function, then y εY is called

  1. dependent variable of f
  2. Independent variable of f
  3. value of f
  4. range of f


Introduction to Sets, Functions and Groups Quiz

MCQ. Set of rational numbers Q is a subset of

  1. set of Natural numbers
  2. The set of integers
  3. The set of Complex numbers
  4. The set of Even integers


College Math Quiz

MCQ. Function f:x→1 is

  1. constant function
  2. cubic function
  3. quadratic function
  4. identity function


Hyperbolic Functions Quiz

MCQ. Sinh-1x =

  1. ln(x+√(x2 +1))
  2. ln(x+√(x2 -1))
  3. 1/2ln(1+x/1-x)
  4. 1/2ln(x+1/x-1)

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