Hyperbolic Functions Quiz Questions and Answers Online 3 pdf eBooks Download

Learn hyperbolic functions quiz questions, online college math quiz 3 to practice. Free math MCQs questions and answers to learn hyperbolic functions MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on hyperbolic functions, period of trigonometric functions, online math learning, basic trigonometry formulas worksheets.

Free hyperbolic functions worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as tanh-1x =, answer key with choices as ln(x+√(x² +1), ln(x+√(x² +1), 1/2ln(1+x/1-x) and 1/2ln(x+1/x-1) problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online functions & limits multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Hyperbolic Functions Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 3

Hyperbolic Functions Quiz

MCQ. Tanh-1x =

  1. ln(x+√(x² +1)
  2. ln(x+√(x² +1)
  3. 1/2ln(1+x/1-x)
  4. 1/2ln(x+1/x-1)


Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz

MCQ. Period of cot(x) is

  1. π


Online Math Learning Quiz

MCQ. If circumference of a circle is divided into 360 congruent parts, angle subtended by one part at center of circle is called

  1. angle
  2. radian
  3. degree
  4. minute


Basic Trigonometry Formulas Quiz

MCQ. Cosθ + cosπ =

  1. −2sin(θ + π/2)sin(θ-π/2)
  2. 2cos(θ + π/2)sin(θ-π/2)
  3. 2cos(θ + π/2)cos(θ-π/2)
  4. None of Above


Hyperbolic Functions Quiz

MCQ. Cosh-1x =

  1. ln(x+√(x² +1))
  2. ln(x+√(x² +1))
  3. 1/2ln(1+x/1-x)
  4. 1/2ln(x+1/x-1)