Exponential equations Quiz Questions 27 Tests pdf Download

Practice college math MCQ test 27 to learn exponential equations quiz online. Free math quiz questions and answers to learn quadratic equations. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on exponential equations, introduction permutations, combinations and probability, when q(x) has non-repeated irreducible quadratic factors, binary operation, number systems: sets worksheets.

Free math worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as equations in which variables occur in exponent are called, answer key with choices as trignometric equations, exponential equations, logarithmic equations and hyperbolic equations to test study skills. For e-learning, study online quadratic equations multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Exponential equations: Worksheets 27 Quiz pdf Download

Exponential equations Quiz

MCQ. Equations in which variables occur in exponent are called

  1. trignometric equations
  2. exponential equations
  3. logarithmic equations
  4. hyperbolic equations


Introduction Permutations, Combinations and Probability Quiz

MCQ. 1/ =

  1. 20ι/16ι
  2. 16ι/20ι
  3. 1/16ι
  4. 20ι


when Q(x) has non-repeated irreducible quadratic factors Quiz

MCQ. 10X -13/(x+2)(x-9) =

  1. 3/(x+2) -7/(x-9)
  2. 3/(x-2) +7/(x+9)
  3. 3/(x-2) -7/(x+9)
  4. None of Above


Binary Operation Quiz

MCQ. Which of following is unary operation?

  1. addition
  2. multiplication
  3. square root
  4. None of Above


Number Systems: Sets Quiz

MCQ. Union of two sets A and B is

  1. A = B
  2. A ≠ B
  3. A ∪ B
  4. A ∩ B


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