Geometric Mean Quiz Questions 118 Tests pdf Download

Practice college math MCQ test 118 to learn geometric mean quiz online. Free math quiz questions and answers to learn sequences and series. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on geometric mean, online math learning, combinations, groups in maths worksheets.

Free math worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as geometric mean between 4 and 16 is, answer key with choices as ±4, ±6, ±8 and ±16 to test study skills. For e-learning, study online sequences and series multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Geometric Mean: Worksheets 118 Quiz pdf Download

Geometric Mean Quiz

MCQ. Geometric mean between 4 and 16 is

  1. ±4
  2. ±6
  3. ±8
  4. ±16


Online Math Learning Quiz

MCQ. 2sin3θcosθ =

  1. cot4θ+cot2θ
  2. cos4θ+cos2θ
  3. cos4θ-cos2θ
  4. sin4θ+sin2θ


Combinations Quiz

MCQ. Number of word that can be formed out of letters of word NETHERLANDS is

  1. 11ι/2ι.2ι.2ι
  2. 2ι.2ι.2ι/11ι
  3. 11ι/23ι
  4. 11/2.2.2


Combinations Quiz

MCQ. 10P7 is equal to

  1. 604800
  2. 60480
  3. 6048
  4. 604


Groups in Maths Quiz

MCQ. In a group, ( G, * )

  1. a + b ε G For all a, b ε G
  2. ab ε G a, b ε G
  3. a * b ε G For all a, b ε G
  4. a - b ε G For all a, b ε G

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