Communication, Remote Local Quiz Questions 7 pdf Download

Practice computer fundamentals MCQ test 7 to learn communication, remote local quiz online, computers quiz on communications hardware-terminals and interfaces. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on communication, remote and local, representation of fractions in binary, processing of data, computer programmer, computer organization and access,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as speed of transmitted data is measured by with answering options baud, band, visual bands and telex bands to test study skills. For e-learning, study online communications hardware-terminals and interfaces multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Communication, Remote Local - Worksheet 7

Communication, Remote and Local Quiz

MCQ. Speed of transmitted data is measured by

  1. baud.
  2. band.
  3. visual bands.
  4. telex bands.


Representation of Fractions in Binary Quiz

MCQ. System in which fractions are written by extending binary rotation is said to be

  1. fixed-point representation.
  2. floating-point representation.
  3. binary digits representation.
  4. single notation representation.


Processing of Data Quiz

MCQ. Process of arranging data into a new order is called

  1. manipulation of data.
  2. standardized information.
  3. standardized input.
  4. standardized documents.


Computer Programmer Quiz

MCQ. Programmers who writes system software are considered as

  1. system programmers.
  2. analysis programmer.
  3. train programmers.
  4. design programmers.


Computer Organization and Access Quiz

MCQ. When records are accessed from and inserted into file, is classified as

  1. direct access.
  2. sequential access.
  3. random access.
  4. duplicate access.

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