Steps in Systems Analysis Design Quiz Questions 65 Tests pdf Download

Practice computer fundamentals MCQ test 65 to learn steps in systems analysis design quiz online. Free computer quiz questions and answers to learn using computers to solve problems. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on steps in systems analysis and design, subroutines, procedures and functions, typical instruction format, searching, merging and sorting worksheets.

Free computer science worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as feasibility study and detailed design study is part of, answer key with choices as system implement phase, relevance phase, system analysis phase and system design phase to test study skills. For e-learning, study online using computers to solve problems multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Steps in Systems Analysis Design: Worksheets 65 Quiz pdf Download

Steps in Systems Analysis and Design Quiz

MCQ. Feasibility study and detailed design study is part of

  1. system implement phase
  2. relevance phase
  3. system analysis phase
  4. system design phase


Subroutines, Procedures and Functions Quiz

MCQ. Variable with a restricted name in only one subroutine program is classified as

  1. local variable
  2. global variable
  3. middle variable
  4. default variable


Typical Instruction Format Quiz

MCQ. Binary code for giving an actual instruction is called

  1. instruction code
  2. logical code
  3. function code
  4. address


Steps in Systems Analysis and Design Quiz

MCQ. Flowcharts used to represent operation in processing system are classified as

  1. algorithms flowchart
  2. system flowcharts
  3. operation chart
  4. process chart


Searching, Merging and Sorting Quiz

MCQ. Process of creating copy of stored data onto another disc is called creating

  1. locked files
  2. backup files
  3. modified file
  4. destroyed file

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