Positive Negative Integers Quiz Questions 41 pdf Download

Practice computer fundamentals MCQ test 41 to learn positive negative integers quiz online, computers quiz on representation of data. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on positive and negative integers, high level computer programming, program errors, control statements in basic language, integrity of input data,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as binary string which is formed by replacing 0s by 1s and 1s by 0s is referred as with answering options ones complement, twos complements, ones string and twos string to test study skills. For e-learning, study online representation of data multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Positive Negative Integers - Worksheet 41

Positive and Negative Integers Quiz

MCQ. Binary string which is formed by replacing 0s by 1s and 1s by 0s is referred as

  1. ones complement.
  2. twos complements.
  3. ones string.
  4. twos string.


High Level Computer Programming Quiz

MCQ. Name given by a programmer to some data is classified as

  1. identifier.
  2. identification.
  3. exponent.
  4. mantissa.


Program Errors Quiz

MCQ. In BASIC language statement "300 LET A = 2(X+3)", syntax error is

  1. subtraction sign missing.
  2. asterisk sign missing.
  3. GO function is missing.
  4. NET function is missing.


Control Statements in Basic language Quiz

MCQ. Statement in BASIC language 150 IF A1=A2 THEN Comparison$ ="EQUAL" is an example of

  1. if then statement.
  2. if else statement.
  3. then else statement.
  4. else one statement.


Integrity of Input Data Quiz

MCQ. If any of string has odd parity initially, it is because of

  1. transmission.
  2. error.
  3. collection.
  4. intervals.


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