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Program Libraries Quiz Questions 3 Tests pdf Download

Learn quiz on program libraries, computer fundamentals quiz 3 to practice. Free computer MCQs questions and answers to learn program libraries MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on program libraries, computer registers, data types and structures, program design and implementation, data processing manager worksheets.

Free program libraries worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as set of programs with full set of documentation is considered as, answer key with choices as database packages, file package, software and software packages to test study skills. For eLearning, study online computer software multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Program Libraries Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 3

Program Libraries Quiz

MCQ. Set of programs with full set of documentation is considered as

  1. database packages
  2. file package
  3. software
  4. software packages


Computer Registers Quiz

MCQ. Register used to store values of arithmetic operations and logical operations is said to be

  1. operators
  2. accumulators
  3. logical operator
  4. arithmetic operator


Data Types and Structures Quiz

MCQ. In line "110 DIM num(10)" in BASIC language, 'Line 110' declares

  1. one-dimensional array
  2. two-dimensional array
  3. three-dimension array
  4. multi-dimension array


Program Design and Implementation Quiz

MCQ. To write program functions such as input four numbers and print their sum, program refinement first level includes

  1. input four numbers
  2. calculate sum
  3. print values
  4. print variables


Data Processing Manager Quiz

MCQ. Person who analyze information system and practicality of computers is classified as

  1. systems analyst
  2. systems manager
  3. data manager
  4. processing manager