Representing Algorithms Flowcharts Structure Diagram Quiz Questions 15 Tests pdf Download

Practice computer fundamentals MCQ test 15 to learn representing algorithms flowcharts structure diagram quiz online. Download computer quiz questions and answers to learn using computers to solve problems. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on representing algorithms flowcharts and structure diagram, applications and system programs, integrity of input data, logic circuits and logic gates, multi access system worksheets.

Free computer science worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as symbol used in flowchart such as rectangle with horizontal lines on two sides is used for, answer key with choices as defined statement, predefined process, error fix and variables defined to test study skills. For e-learning, study online using computers to solve problems multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Representing Algorithms Flowcharts Structure Diagram: Worksheets 15 Quiz pdf Download

Representing Algorithms Flowcharts and Structure Diagram Quiz

MCQ. Symbol used in flowchart such as rectangle with horizontal lines on two sides is used for

  1. defined statement
  2. predefined process
  3. error fix
  4. variables defined


Applications and System Programs Quiz

MCQ. Programs used to control system performance are classified as

  1. experimental programs
  2. system programs
  3. specialized program
  4. organized programs


Integrity of Input Data Quiz

MCQ. Worked total sum recorded by adding group of records is classified as

  1. hash total
  2. slash total
  3. control total
  4. grand total


Logic Circuits and Logic Gates Quiz

MCQ. A diagram which is used to show logic elements and their interconnections is said to be

  1. circuit diagram
  2. system diagram
  3. logic diagram
  4. gate diagram


Multi Access System Quiz

MCQ. In wide area network, computing power is provided with help of

  1. mainframe computers
  2. micro computers
  3. geographical computers
  4. terminal computers

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