Subroutines, Procedures Functions Quiz Questions 126 Tests pdf Download

Practice computer fundamentals MCQ test 126 to learn subroutines, procedures functions quiz online. Download computer quiz questions and answers to learn programming languages and style. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on subroutines, procedures and functions, encoding and decoding, sorting files, real time processing, low level programming worksheets.

Free computer science worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as in comal language programs, procedures are usually executed by, answer key with choices as exec statement, proc statement, start proc statement and the closed statement to test study skills. For e-learning, study online programming languages and style multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Subroutines, Procedures Functions: Worksheets 126 Quiz pdf Download

Subroutines, Procedures and Functions Quiz

MCQ. In COMAL language programs, procedures are usually executed by

  1. EXEC statement
  2. PROC statement
  3. start PROC statement
  4. CLOSED statement


Encoding and Decoding Quiz

MCQ. Process to convert data or information into form which is readily available for processing is called

  1. encoding
  2. decoding
  3. translating
  4. data organization


Sorting Files Quiz

MCQ. In data sorting, searching of set and selecting and placing smallest is classified as

  1. insertion
  2. selection
  3. exchange
  4. change


Real Time Processing Quiz

MCQ. Controlled system of pipelines and pumping stations at regular intervals is an example of computer which is

  1. applicant controlled
  2. user controlled
  3. machine controlled
  4. network controlled


Low Level Programming Quiz

MCQ. Word or set of letters that can be used to represent a specific function and are easily memorable is classified as

  1. symbolic addresses
  2. lined addresses
  3. mnemonics
  4. mechanics

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