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Integrity of Input Data Quiz Questions 106 Tests pdf Download

Learn quiz on integrity of input data, computer fundamentals quiz 106 to practice. Free computer MCQs questions and answers to learn integrity of input data MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on integrity of input data, printers for computer printing, control statements in comal language, types of computer printers, input output worksheets.

Free integrity of input data worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as control total which has not any actual meaning for sum used is classified as, answer key with choices as grand total, hash total, slash total and parity total to test study skills. For eLearning, study online input errors and program testing multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Integrity of Input Data Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 106

Integrity of Input Data Quiz

MCQ. Control total which has not any actual meaning for sum used is classified as

  1. grand total
  2. hash total
  3. slash total
  4. parity total


Printers for Computer Printing Quiz

MCQ. Printing technique in which characters are produced using metals pieces is called

  1. matrix font
  2. solid fonts
  3. page font
  4. paragraph font


Control Statements in Comal language Quiz

MCQ. Statement in Comal language 'IF age >=18 THEN PRINT "Yes" ELSE PRINT "No" is an example of

  1. if then statement
  2. if else statement
  3. if then else statement
  4. else one statement


Types of Computer Printers Quiz

MCQ. Type of printer used to print a page is

  1. laser printer
  2. beam printer
  3. paragraph font
  4. impact printer


Input Output Quiz

MCQ. Four colors availability is shown with 25 lines of text with each line having

  1. 20 characters
  2. 40 characters
  3. 60 characters
  4. 80 characters

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