Program Design and Implementation MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice program design and implementation MCQs, computer fundamentals MCQ test for online learning. Using computers to solve problems quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), program design and implementation quiz questions and answers to practice as to write a program function i.e. program for sum of four integers, program refinement first level includes, answer key help with choices as input four numbers, calculate sum, print values and display values problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning program design and implementation quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Program Design and Implementation Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. To write a program function i.e. program for the sum of four integers, the program refinement first level includes

  1. input four numbers
  2. calculate sum
  3. print the values
  4. display the values


MCQ. Data which is used to test each feature of the program and is carefully selected is classified as

  1. program output
  2. program input
  3. test data
  4. test program


MCQ. Function definition and first level refinement are part of

  1. program design
  2. program statement
  3. program calculation
  4. printing the program


MCQ. Defining data requirements such as input and output is classified as

  1. process definition
  2. function definition
  3. print definition
  4. writing purpose


MCQ. Method used in writing and designing of a program is termed as

  1. bottom-up method
  2. top-down method
  3. split method
  4. binary states method