Processing Systems Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf/epub/iBook Download

Practice computer basics test 1 on processing systems multiple choice questions (MCQs) online to learn. Practice real time processing MCQs questions and answers on real time processing, batch processing, multi access system with answers. Free processing systems revision notes has answer key with choices as network controlled, machine controlled, applicant controlled and user controlled of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as use of robot by car manufacturing companies is an example of computer which is to test learning skills. Study to learn real time processing quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Processing Systems Test 1 Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Use of robot by car manufacturing companies is an example of computer which is

  1. machine controlled
  2. network controlled
  3. applicant controlled
  4. user controlled


MCQ. In multiprogramming, programmer chooses programs which are suitable to run together from

  1. job center
  2. job terminal
  3. job queue
  4. timed job


MCQ. Way in which computers are organized in multi-access is classified as

  1. time sharing
  2. response sharing
  3. multi task sharing
  4. timed sharing


MCQ. In wide area network, computing power is provided with help of

  1. mainframe computers
  2. micro computers
  3. geographical computers
  4. terminal computers


MCQ. In a multi-access system, time computer takes to execute an operation on request of user is classified as

  1. response time
  2. off-line time
  3. on-line time
  4. interaction time

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