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Learn high level computer programming MCQs, online computer fundamentals MCQ for test prep. Programming languages and style quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), high level computer programming quiz questions and answers as in high-level language pascal, area is calculated as, answer key help with choices as 100 area = width*length, 100 area = width*length, area = width*length; and length 100 area*20width problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice high level computer programming quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on High Level Computer Programming Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. In high-level language Pascal, area is calculated as

  1. 100 Area = Width*Length
  2. 100 Area = Width*Length
  3. Area: = Width*Length;
  4. length 100: area*20width


MCQ. Name given by a programmer to any particular data is classified as

  1. identifier
  2. identification
  3. exponent
  4. mantissa


MCQ. In high level programming language Pascal, each program statement ends with a

  1. comma
  2. semicolon
  3. double quotation marks
  4. single quotation marks


MCQ. In Pascal and COMAL programming language, symbol ':=' is used for

  1. base
  2. coefficient
  3. assignments
  4. reference


MCQ. In programming language BASIC, area is calculated as

  1. 100 Area=Width*Length
  2. 100 Area: = Width*Length
  3. Area: = ;Width*Length
  4. area 100: ;;length*width