Maturity Impact Security value MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice maturity impact security value MCQs, financial markets MCQ online for test prep. Security valuation quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), maturity impact security value quiz questions and answers as for given change in interest rates, percentage change in present value of bond is classified as , answer key help with choices as price sensitivity , yield sensitivity , maturity sensitivity and premium sensitivity problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to learn maturity impact security value quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Maturity Impact Security value Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. For given change in interest rates, the percentage change in the present value of bond is classified as

  1. price sensitivity
  2. yield sensitivity
  3. maturity sensitivity
  4. premium sensitivity


MCQ. The change in interest rate measured in percentage for given interest rate change is classified as

  1. premium yield
  2. elasticity
  3. duration
  4. maturity yield


MCQ. In zero coupon bonds, the impact of higher duration on maturity is that

  1. maturity will be zero
  2. maturity will be elastic
  3. maturity will be higher
  4. maturity will be lower


MCQ. The more the coupon payment or promised interest payment

  1. the higher its duration
  2. the lower its duration
  3. zero duration
  4. One year duration


MCQ. The investors of the coupon bond will receive cash flow very soon if the

  1. maturity is lower
  2. maturity is higher
  3. interest payment is higher
  4. interest payment is lower