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JFET Biasing Quiz Questions 51 Tests pdf Download

Practice jfet biasing quizzes, electronics quiz 51 to learn. Free electronic circuit design MCQs questions and answers to learn jfet biasing MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on jfet biasing, zener diode, diode operation, common emitter amplifier, peak inverse voltage worksheets.

Free jfet biasing worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as circuit having vee = 6v and id = 10ma then re is, answer key with choices as 100 ohm, 600 ohm, 400 ohm and 200 ohm to test study skills. For eLearning, study online field effect transistors multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on JFET Biasing Worksheet 51

JFET Biasing Quiz

MCQ. Circuit having Vee = 6V and Id = 10mA then RE is

  1. 100 ohm
  2. 600 ohm
  3. 400 ohm
  4. 200 ohm


Zener Diode Quiz

MCQ. Internal resistance of a photodiode

  1. increase with light intensity when forward - biased
  2. decrease with light intensity when forward - biased
  3. increases with light intensity when reverse - biased
  4. decrease with light intensity when forward - biased


Diode Operation Quiz

MCQ. To forward - bias a diode

  1. an external voltage is applied that is positive at anode and negative at cathode
  2. an external voltage applied that is negative at anode and positive at cathode
  3. an external voltage is applied that is positive at p region and negative at n region
  4. Both A and C


Common Emitter Amplifier Quiz

MCQ. Reduction in signal voltages is known as

  1. attenuation
  2. upgradation
  3. degradation
  4. filteration


Peak Inverse Voltage Quiz

MCQ. Ideal dc output voltage of a capacitor - input filter is equal to

  1. average value of rectified voltage
  2. rms value of rectified voltage
  3. peak value of rectified voltage
  4. None of Above