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Full Wave rectifiers Quiz Questions 31 Tests pdf Download

Practice electronics engg MCQ test 31 to learn full wave rectifiers quiz online. Download electronics quiz questions and answers to learn diodes and applications. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on full wave rectifiers, current in semiconductors, pn junction, n type and p type semiconductors, varactor diode worksheets.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as purpose of capacitor filter in a rectifier is to, answer key with choices as convert dc to ac, convert ac to dc, filter the output and retain frequency to test study skills. For online learning, study diodes and applications multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Full Wave rectifiers Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 31

Full Wave rectifiers Quiz

MCQ. Purpose of capacitor filter in a rectifier is to

  1. Convert dc to ac
  2. convert ac to dc
  3. Filter output
  4. retain frequency


Current in semiconductors Quiz

MCQ. Material between conductor and insulator is called

  1. metal
  2. transmitter
  3. insulator
  4. compound


PN Junction Quiz

MCQ. One that is a pentavalent impurity atom is

  1. boron
  2. indium
  3. gallium
  4. antimony


N Type and P Type Semiconductors Quiz

MCQ. Majority carriers in an n - type semiconductor are

  1. holes
  2. conduction electrons
  3. valence electron
  4. protons


Varactor diode Quiz

MCQ. In formula of capacitance C = Aε/d where d represents the

  1. plate separation
  2. distance between charges
  3. displacement
  4. direction of charge

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