JFET Quiz Questions 24 pdf Download

Practice electronics engg MCQ test 24 to learn jfet quiz online, Here, you may find questions to study electronics quiz on field effect transistors. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on jfet, materials used in electronics, diode operation, voltage multipliers, class b and ab push pull amplifiers,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as jfet is always operated with gate - source pn junction with answering options forward biased, without biasing, reverse biased and with narrow width to test study skills. For online learning, study field effect transistors multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on JFET - Worksheet 24


MCQ. JFET is always operated with gate - source pn junction

  1. forward biased.
  2. without biasing.
  3. reverse biased.
  4. with narrow width.


Materials used in electronics Quiz

MCQ. In periodic table of elements silicon has an atomic number of

  1. 11.
  2. 12.
  3. 13.
  4. 14.


Diode Operation Quiz

MCQ. When Silicon diode is forward - biased

  1. only current is hole current.
  2. only current is produced by majority carriers.
  3. current is produced by both holes and electrons.
  4. only current is electron current.


Voltage multipliers Quiz

MCQ. If input voltage to a voltage tripler has an rms value of 12 V, dc output voltage is approximately

  1. 36 V.
  2. 33.9 V.
  3. 32.4 V.
  4. 50.9 V.


Class B and AB Push Pull Amplifiers Quiz

MCQ. With help of pull - push amplifier waveform is reproduced using

  1. transformer load line.
  2. transformer coupling.
  3. transformer load.
  4. transformer input.


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