N Type P Type Semiconductors Quiz Questions 2 pdf Download

Practice electronics engg MCQ test 2 to learn n type p type semiconductors quiz online, Here, you may find questions to study electronics quiz on introduction to electronics. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on n type and p type semiconductors, mosfet biasing, current in semiconductors, materials used in electronics, atom,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as process of adding an impurity to an intrinsic semiconductor is called with answering options atomic modification, ionication, doping and recombinition to test study skills. For online learning, study introduction to electronics multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on N Type P Type Semiconductors - Worksheet 2

N Type and P Type Semiconductors Quiz

MCQ. Process of adding an impurity to an intrinsic semiconductor is called

  1. atomic modification.
  2. Ionication.
  3. doping.
  4. recombinition.


MOSFET biasing Quiz

MCQ. MOSFET can be biased with

  1. 2 ways.
  2. 3 ways.
  3. 4 ways.
  4. 5 ways.


Current in semiconductors Quiz

MCQ. Electrons that are responsible for current in semiconductors are

  1. free electrons.
  2. valence electrons.
  3. outer electrons.
  4. inner electrons.


Materials Used in Electronics Quiz

MCQ. In a semiconductor crystal, atoms are held together by

  1. forces of attraction.
  2. interaction of valence electrons.
  3. covalent bonds.
  4. All of Above.


Atom Quiz

MCQ. Nucleus of an atom consists of

  1. neutron.
  2. proton.
  3. electron.
  4. Both a and b.


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