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MOSFET Quiz Questions 10 Tests pdf Download

Practice electronics engg MCQ test 10 to learn mosfet quiz online. Download electronics quiz questions and answers to learn field effect transistors. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on mosfet, voltage current characteristics, regulators, jfet biasing, multistage amplifier worksheets.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as mosfets that can either be depletion or enhancement is known as, answer key with choices as dual mode, single mode, dual gate and single gate to test study skills. For online learning, study field effect transistors multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on MOSFET Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 10


MCQ. MOSFETs that can either be depletion or enhancement is known as

  1. dual mode
  2. single mode
  3. dual gate
  4. single gate


Voltage current characteristics Quiz

MCQ. With increase in temperature potential barrier gets

  1. increased
  2. decreased
  3. same
  4. zero charge


Regulators Quiz

MCQ. If load resistance of a capacitor - filtered full - wave rectifier is reduced, ripple voltage

  1. is not affected
  2. increases
  3. decreases
  4. has a different frequency


JFET Biasing Quiz

MCQ. If Vd = 10V and Vs = 1.1V then VDS will be

  1. 11.1V
  2. 10V
  3. 8.9V
  4. 9V


Multistage Amplifier Quiz

MCQ. Direct coupled amplifiers are used to amplify low frequencies to

  1. dc 0Hz
  2. dc 1Hz
  3. dc 5Hz
  4. dc 10Hz