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Bipolar Junction Transistors Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 PDF Download

Practice bipolar junction transistors multiple choice questions (MCQs), digital electronics test 1 online to learn. Practice transistor structure MCQs questions and answers on transistor structure, transistor as amplifier, transistor characteristics & parameters, transistor as switch, basic transistor operation with answers. Free bipolar junction transistors quiz, online study guide has answer key with choices as moderately doped, lightly doped, heavily doped and not doped of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as collector region of bjt is always to test learning skills. Study to learn transistor structure quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Bipolar Junction Transistors Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Collector region of BJT is always

  1. lightly doped
  2. moderately doped
  3. heavily doped
  4. not doped


MCQ. Process of linearly increasing amplitude of an electrical signal is called

  1. switching
  2. amplification
  3. multiplexing
  4. fabrication



  1. αDC/1+αDC
  2. 1-αDC/1+αDC
  3. αDC/1-αDC
  4. 1+αDC/1-αDC


MCQ. Switch is open when transistor is in

  1. cutoff region
  2. linear region
  3. saturation region
  4. breakdown region


MCQ. If collector current is 2mA and base current is 0.5mA than emitter current will be

  1. 10mA
  2. 2.5mA
  3. 1.5mA
  4. 4mA