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Error detection code Quiz Questions 70 Tests pdf Download

Learn quiz on error detection code, DLD quiz 70 to practice. Free digital logic design MCQs questions and answers to learn error detection code MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on error detection code, basic theorems and properties of boolean algebra, timing in state machines, binary systems problems, shift registers worksheets.

Free error detection code worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as if an odd parity is adopted, parity bit is chosen in such that total no of 1's is, answer key with choices as odd, even, positive and negative to test study skills. For eLearning, study online binary systems multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Error detection code Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 70

Error detection code Quiz

MCQ. If an odd parity is adopted, parity bit is chosen in such that total no of 1's is

  1. Odd
  2. Even
  3. Positive
  4. Negative


Basic theorems and properties of boolean algebra Quiz

MCQ. Postulate 2 of Boolean algebra defines

  1. x+0=x
  2. x+0=1
  3. x+0=0
  4. x+1=0


Timing in State Machines Quiz

MCQ. To continue count E must be

  1. enabled
  2. reset
  3. stopped
  4. cleared


Binary Systems Problems Quiz

MCQ. 842 + 537 =

  1. 0001 0011 0111 0101
  2. 0111 0011 0111 0101
  3. 0001 0111 0111 0101
  4. 0001 0011 0111 0111


Shift Registers Quiz

MCQ. QA inputs of shift registers behaves like inputs of

  1. T flip-flops
  2. D flip-flops
  3. RS flip-flops
  4. JK flip-flops


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