Transition Table in Logic Design Quiz Questions 106 Tests pdf Download

Practice DLD MCQ test 106 to learn transition table in logic design quiz online. Free digital logic design quiz questions and answers to learn asynchronous sequential logic. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on transition table in logic design, simplification of boolean function, synchronous counters, dependency notation symbols, four variable map worksheets.

Free DLD worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as transition table gives values of, answer key with choices as 1's, 0's, x and y to test study skills. For e-learning, study online asynchronous sequential logic multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Transition Table in Logic Design: Worksheets 106 Quiz pdf Download

Transition Table in Logic Design Quiz

MCQ. Transition table gives values of

  1. 1's
  2. 0's
  3. x
  4. y


Simplification of boolean function Quiz

MCQ. Inverter of F if

  1. F'
  2. F
  3. FF
  4. (-F)


Synchronous Counters Quiz

MCQ. Binary counter that count incrementally is called

  1. SSI counters
  2. LSI counters
  3. down counter
  4. up counter


Dependency Notation Symbols Quiz

MCQ. To represent relationship between input and output we yse

  1. dependency notation
  2. scientific notation
  3. qualifying symbol
  4. rectangular shape


Four variable map Quiz

MCQ. Adjacent squares are squares that each other's

  1. back
  2. next
  3. up
  4. down

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