Design with multiplixers MCQs Quiz Online Tests pdf Download

Practice design with multiplixers MCQs, DLD MCQ for online test prep. Dld lab equipment and experiments quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), design with multiplixers quiz questions and answers as in most of logic gates 1 means, answer key with choices as 0v, 1v, 5v and 10v for competitive exam prep. Free study guide is to learn design with multiplixers quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Design with multiplixers Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. In most of logic gates 1 means

  1. 0V
  2. 1V
  3. 5V
  4. 10V


MCQ. In designing ASM with multiplexers, registers hold

  1. present binary state
  2. input
  3. next binary state
  4. output


MCQ. Strobe S in a mux acts as

  1. enable
  2. reset
  3. clear
  4. stop


MCQ. 74151 IC consists of

  1. 4X1 mux
  2. 5X1 mux
  3. 6X1 mux
  4. 8X1 mux


MCQ. Design ASM with multiplexers, is method consists of

  1. 1 level
  2. 2 levels
  3. 3 levels
  4. 4 levels