Binary Adder and Subtractor MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice binary adder and subtractor MCQs, digital logic design MCQ test for online learning. Msi and pld components quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), binary adder and subtractor quiz questions and answers to practice as a binary parallel adder produces arithmetic sum in, answer key help with choices as serial, parallel, sequence and both a and b problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning binary adder and subtractor quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Binary Adder and Subtractor Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. A binary parallel adder produces the arithmetic sum in

  1. serial
  2. parallel
  3. sequence
  4. both a and b


MCQ. The basic component used in the design of VLSI is?

  1. NOR Gate
  2. AND Gate
  3. XOR Gate
  4. Gate array


MCQ. The full adder forms the sum of

  1. 2bits
  2. 3bits
  3. 4bits
  4. 5bits


MCQ. EPROM stands for

  1. Electrical Programmable Read Only Memory
  2. Electrical Portable Read Only Memory
  3. Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  4. Erasable Portable Read Only Memory

MCQ. The subtraction of binary numbers can be done conveniently with

  1. high cost circuit
  2. low cost circuits
  3. complements
  4. borrows