Imaging in visible infrared band Quiz Questions 76 pdf Download

Practice digital image processing MCQ test 76 to learn imaging in visible infrared band quiz online. Find questions to study image processing quiz on introduction to digital image processing. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on imaging in visible and infrared band, background of intensity transformation, image processing algorithms, wavelet and multiresolution processing basics, imaging in microwave band,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as wavelength of thermal infrared ranges from with answering options 10.4-12.5, 10.4-13.5, 11.4-12.5 and 10.3-12.5 to test study skills. For e-learning, study online introduction to digital image processing multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Imaging in visible infrared band - Worksheet 76

Imaging in visible and infrared band Quiz

MCQ. Wavelength of thermal infrared ranges from

  1. 10.4-12.5.
  2. 10.4-13.5.
  3. 11.4-12.5.
  4. 10.3-12.5.


Background of Intensity Transformation Quiz

MCQ. Image enhancement traditionally included

  1. smoothing.
  2. sharpening.
  3. degradation.
  4. Both A and B.


Image Processing Algorithms Quiz

MCQ. Algorithm stating that boundaries of image are different from background is

  1. discontinuity.
  2. similarity.
  3. extraction.
  4. recognition.


Wavelet and Multiresolution Processing Basics Quiz

MCQ. Moving up in pyramid he size

  1. increases.
  2. remain same.
  3. decreases.
  4. blurred.


Imaging in microwave band Quiz

MCQ. Which is not an example of image processing

  1. thumb prints.
  2. paper currency.
  3. mp3.
  4. lisence plate detection.

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