Fundamentals of Image Compression Quiz Questions 45 Tests pdf Download

Practice digital image processing MCQ test 45 to learn fundamentals of image compression quiz online. Download image processing quiz questions and answers to learn image compression. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on fundamentals of image compression, point line and edge detection in image processing, dip: color fundamentals, histogram matching, extension to functions of two variables worksheets.

Free DIP worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as system of symbols to represent event is called, answer key with choices as storage, word, code and nibble to test study skills. For e-learning, study online image compression multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Fundamentals of Image Compression: Worksheets 45 Quiz pdf Download

Fundamentals of Image Compression Quiz

MCQ. System of symbols to represent event is called

  1. storage
  2. word
  3. code
  4. nibble


Point line and edge detection in Image Processing Quiz

MCQ. For point detection we use

  1. first derivative
  2. second derivative
  3. third derivative
  4. Both A and B


DIP: Color Fundamentals Quiz

MCQ. Three primary colors are

  1. Red, green, blue
  2. Red, cyan, blue
  3. Red, white, black
  4. Red, green, yellow


Histogram matching Quiz

MCQ. Method generating a processed image having specified histogram is called

  1. histogram enhancement
  2. histogram normalization
  3. histogram equalization
  4. histogram matching


Extension to functions of two variables Quiz

MCQ. A continuous band limited function can be recovered with no error if sampled intervals are less than 1/2umax is statement of

  1. 2D sampling series
  2. 3D sampling theorem
  3. 1D sampling theorem
  4. 2D sampling theorem

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