Representing digital image Quiz Questions 39 Tests pdf Download

Practice digital image processing MCQ test 39 to learn representing digital image quiz online. Download image processing quiz questions and answers to learn digital image fundamentals. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on representing digital image, contrast stretching, filtering concepts in dip, measuring image information, fidelity creteria worksheets.

Free DIP worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as no of bits to store image is denoted by formula, answer key with choices as b = nxk, b = mxn, b = mxnxk and b = mxk to test study skills. For e-learning, study online digital image fundamentals multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Representing digital image: Worksheets 39 Quiz pdf Download

Representing digital image Quiz

MCQ. No of bits to store image is denoted by formula

  1. b = NxK
  2. b = MxN
  3. b = MxNxK
  4. b = MxK


Contrast stretching Quiz

MCQ. Thresholding function in contrast stretching creates

  1. binary image
  2. high quality image
  3. enhanced image
  4. low quality image


Filtering concepts in DIP Quiz

MCQ. Sum of cosines and sines coefficient multiplied is

  1. Fourier series
  2. Fourier transform
  3. fast Fourier series
  4. fast Fourier transform


Measuring image information Quiz

MCQ. Information per source is called

  1. sampling
  2. quantization
  3. entropy
  4. normalization


Fidelity Creteria Quiz

MCQ. Image with very high quality is considered as

  1. good
  2. fair
  3. bad
  4. excellent

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