Pseudocolor image processing MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice pseudocolor image processing MCQs, digital image processing MCQ test for online learning. Color image processing quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), pseudocolor image processing quiz questions and answers to practice as black level is represented by formula, answer key help with choices as [ƒ(x) = 0], [ƒ(y) = 0], [ƒ(x,y) = 0] and [ƒ(x,y) = 1] problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning pseudocolor image processing quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Pseudocolor image processing Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Black level is represented by the formula

  1. [ƒ(x) = 0]
  2. [ƒ(y) = 0]
  3. [ƒ(x,y) = 0]
  4. [ƒ(x,y) = 1]


MCQ. Pseudo colors are also known as

  1. true colors
  2. false colors
  3. primary colors
  4. secondary colors


MCQ. Intensity can be converted to color transformation by assigning colors to

  1. pixels
  2. coordinates
  3. pixel depth
  4. intensity levels


MCQ. Color transformation technique is used in

  1. image processing
  2. multispectral image processing
  3. multi image processing
  4. spectral image processing


MCQ. Intensity slicing is called

  1. density slicing
  2. image slicing
  3. color slicing
  4. region slicing