Morphological image processing Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice digital image processing test 1 with MCQ on opening and closing online for learning. Practice morphological image processing multiple choice questions (MCQ) on opening and closing, morphological opening closing, morphological image processing basics,. Free study guide has answering options a+b, a .b, a o b and axb of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as (a.b).b is equal to to test learning skills. Study to learn opening and closing quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Morphological image processing - Test 1

MCQ. (A.B).B is equal to

  1. A .B.
  2. A+B.
  3. A o B.
  4. AxB.


MCQ. Closing is represented by

  1. A .B.
  2. A+B.
  3. A-B.
  4. AxB.


MCQ. Tuple is referred to as

  1. 1D vector.
  2. 2D vector.
  3. 3D vector.
  4. 4D vector.


MCQ. Reflection is applied on image's

  1. x coordinate.
  2. y coordinate.
  3. z coordinate.
  4. Both A and B.


MCQ. Opening with rolling SE

  1. sharps.
  2. shrinks.
  3. smooths.
  4. deletes.

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