Intensity Transformation and Spatial Filtering Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice digital image processing test 1 with MCQ on power law transformation online for learning. Practice intensity transformation and spatial filtering multiple choice questions (MCQ) on power law transformation, histogram equalization, smoothing spatial filters, image negatives,. Free study guide has answering options industry, purification, radar and mri of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as power law transformation is useful in to test learning skills. Study to learn power law transformation quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Intensity Transformation and Spatial Filtering - Test 1

MCQ. Power law transformation is useful in

  1. purification.
  2. industry.
  3. radar.
  4. MRI.


MCQ. In expression s = Tr, Tr, in range 0 = < r = < L-1 is the

  1. strictly monotonically increasing function.
  2. monotonically increasing function.
  3. monotonically decreasing function.
  4. strictly monotonically decreasing function.


MCQ. High pass filters promotes

  1. low intensity components.
  2. mid intensity components.
  3. high intensity components.
  4. all components.


MCQ. Correction of power law response is called

  1. alpha correction.
  2. gamma correction.
  3. beta correction.
  4. pixel correction.


MCQ. Inverse of log function in image processing is

  1. nth power.
  2. nth log.
  3. inverse log.
  4. identity.

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