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Weak Entity Types Quiz Questions 56 Tests pdf Download

Practice weak entity types quiz, DBMS quiz 56 to learn. Free database management system MCQs questions and answers to learn weak entity types MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on weak entity types, introduction to dbms, relational model concepts, relational model constraints, dbms end users worksheets.

Free weak entity types worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as set of key attributes that identify weak entities related to some owner entity is classified as, answer key with choices as structural key, partial key, string key and foreign key to test study skills. For eLearning and interviews prep, study online data modeling: entity relationship model multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Weak Entity Types Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 56

Weak Entity Types Quiz

MCQ. Set of key attributes that identify weak entities related to some owner entity is classified as

  1. structural key
  2. partial key
  3. string key
  4. foreign key


Introduction to DBMS Quiz

MCQ. Structuring of database by specifying types and constraints of data is classified as

  1. defining a database
  2. creating a database
  3. analyzing a database
  4. filtering a database


Relational Model Concepts Quiz

MCQ. Multivalued dependencies used to develop relational design theory of database is classified as

  1. amortization
  2. normalization
  3. conceptualization
  4. depreciation


Relational Model Constraints Quiz

MCQ. In data model schemas, constraints that are expressed directly are classified as

  1. explicit constraints
  2. implicit constraints
  3. flat constraints
  4. parallel constraints


DBMS End Users Quiz

MCQ. Group of employees who are responsible for maintenance running hardware of system is classified as

  1. well being personnel
  2. operators and maintenance personnel
  3. system personnel
  4. execution personnel