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External Sorting Algorithms Quiz Questions 31 Tests pdf Download

Practice external sorting algorithms quizzes, DBMS quiz 31 to learn. Free database management system MCQs questions and answers to learn external sorting algorithms MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on external sorting algorithms, data models categories, erm types constraints, sql data definition and types, database management languages worksheets.

Free external sorting algorithms worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as files that can fit in available buffer space in phase of external sorting must be read into, answer key with choices as multilevel indexes, search nodes, main memory and processing unit to test study skills. For eLearning, study online query processing & optimization algorithms multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on External Sorting Algorithms Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 31

External Sorting Algorithms Quiz

MCQ. Files that can fit in available buffer space in phase of external sorting must be read into

  1. multilevel indexes
  2. search nodes
  3. main memory
  4. processing unit


Data Models Categories Quiz

MCQ. Feature of database management which makes it effortless to find any particular record from collection is called

  1. structural path
  2. entity path
  3. attribute path
  4. access path


ERM Types Constraints Quiz

MCQ. Relationship type in which one attribute is migrated to N-side of relationship is classified as

  1. 4:N
  2. 3:N
  3. 1:N
  4. 2:N


SQL Data Definition and Types Quiz

MCQ. Data type DATE has three components where as its insertion considers

  1. eight positions
  2. ten positions
  3. four positions
  4. five positions


Database Management Languages Quiz

MCQ. If there is separation between conceptual and internal levels then language used by database designers is

  1. internal mapping language
  2. external mapping language
  3. data definition language
  4. storage definition language