Data Modeling: Entity Relationship Model Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice DBMS test 1 with MCQ on introduction to data modeling test for online learning. Practice data modeling: entity relationship model multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers on introduction to data modeling, erm types constraints, entity types, sets, attributes and keys. Free data modeling: entity relationship model revision notes has answer key with choices as class diagrams, functional diagrams, attribute diagrams and entity diagrams of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as type of diagram in which operations are specified on objects is considered as to test learning skills. Study to learn introduction to data modeling quiz questions to practice mock test, job interview questions and competitive exam preparation.

MCQ on Data Modeling: Entity Relationship Model: Test 1 Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Type of diagram in which operations are specified on objects is considered as

  1. functional diagrams
  2. class diagrams
  3. attribute diagrams
  4. entity diagrams


MCQ. Considering binary relationships, possible cardinality ratios are

  1. one : one
  2. 1 : N
  3. M : N
  4. all of above


MCQ. Attributes that can be arranged into hierarchy are called

  1. composite attributes
  2. atomic attributes
  3. derived attributes
  4. simple attributes


MCQ. Set of all entities having same attributes is classified as

  1. entity type
  2. attribute type
  3. function type
  4. hierarchy type


MCQ. Set of values which specifies which values are to be assigned to individual entities is considered as

  1. domain of values
  2. composition of values
  3. attribution of values
  4. derivation of values

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