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Network Congestion Quiz Questions 4 Tests pdf Download

Practice computer networks MCQ test 4 to learn network congestion quiz online. Free networking quiz questions and answers to learn congestion control and quality of service. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on network congestion, digital to digital conversion, internet working, satellite networks, unicast addresses worksheets.

Free computer science worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as effective bandwidth is bandwidth that network needs to allocate for the, answer key with choices as flow of data, flow of protocol, flow of traffic and flow of amount to test study skills. For e-learning, study online congestion control and quality of service multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Network Congestion Quiz Worksheet 4 Quiz pdf Download

Network Congestion Quiz

MCQ. Effective bandwidth is bandwidth that network needs to allocate for the

  1. Flow of Data
  2. Flow of Protocol
  3. Flow of Traffic
  4. Flow of Amount


Digital to Digital Conversion Quiz

MCQ. In OOOVBOVB, V stands for violation and B stands for

  1. Bit
  2. Baud
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Bipolar


Internet Working Quiz

MCQ. Network layer at source is responsible for creating a packet from data coming from another

  1. Data
  2. Link
  3. IP
  4. Protocol


Satellite Networks Quiz

MCQ. Teledesic System has data rate is up to

  1. 135 Mbps
  2. 145 Mbps
  3. 150 Mbps
  4. 155 Mbps


Unicast Addresses Quiz

MCQ. A system with 8-bit addresses has address space of

  1. 32
  2. 256
  3. 720
  4. 65535

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