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Techniques to Improve QoS Quiz Questions 371 Tests pdf Download

Practice techniques to improve qos quizzes, computer networks quiz 371 to learn. Free networking MCQs questions and answers to learn techniques to improve qos MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on techniques to improve qos, cellular telephony, ipv4 connectivity, message integrity, analog to analog conversion worksheets.

Free techniques to improve qos worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as a mechanism to control amount and rate of traffic sent to network is called, answer key with choices as traffic congestion, traffic flow, traffic control and traffic shaping to test study skills. For eLearning, study online congestion control & quality of service multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Techniques to Improve QoS Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 371

Techniques to Improve QoS Quiz

MCQ. A mechanism to control amount and rate of traffic sent to network is called

  1. Traffic Congestion
  2. Traffic Flow
  3. Traffic Control
  4. Traffic Shaping


Cellular Telephony Quiz

MCQ. Third generation of Cellular Telephony can provide both, Voice Communication and

  1. Frames
  2. Videos
  3. Digital Packets
  4. Digital Data


IPv4 Connectivity Quiz

MCQ. Datagram field is to intentionally limit journey of the

  1. Frames
  2. Packet
  3. IP
  4. All of above


Message Integrity Quiz

MCQ. In Message Integrity, message digest needs to be kept

  1. Secret
  2. Low
  3. High
  4. Constant 0


Analog to Analog Conversion Quiz

MCQ. In analog-to-analog conversion, terms that are usually categorized together is

  1. AM and FM
  2. AM and PM
  3. PM AND FM
  4. None of above