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Electronic Mail Quiz Questions and Answers 35 PDF Download

Practice electronic mail quiz, computer networks quiz online 35 to learn. Free networking MCQs questions and answers to learn electronic mail MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on electronic mail, http and html, web documents, transmission control protocol (tcp), cyclic codes worksheets.

Free electronic mail worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as mime stands for, answer key with choices as multipurpose internet mail extensions, multipurpose internet mail email, multipurpose international mail entity and multipurpose international mail end problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online remote logging, electronic mail & file transfer multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Electronic Mail Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 35

Electronic Mail Quiz

MCQ. MIME stands for

  1. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  2. Multipurpose Internet Mail Email
  3. Multipurpose International Mail Entity
  4. Multipurpose International Mail End


HTTP and HTML Quiz

MCQ. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) support

  1. Proxy Domain
  2. Proxy Documents
  3. Proxy Server
  4. Proxy IP


Web Documents Quiz

MCQ. To create the Web Pages we use a term, called

  1. TCP/IP
  2. WWW
  3. HTML
  4. FTP


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Quiz

MCQ. Chargen is one of the well-known ports of

  1. UDP
  2. TCP
  3. TCP/IP
  4. ICMP


Cyclic Codes Quiz

MCQ. The cyclic codes are fast when these are implemented in

  1. software
  2. hardware
  3. Local area network
  4. Both A and B