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Multilevel Multiplexing Quiz Questions 256 pdf Download

Practice computer networks MCQ test 256 to learn multilevel multiplexing quiz online. Find questions to study networking quiz on bandwidth utilization: multiplexing and spreading. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on multilevel multiplexing, user datagram protocol, unicast routing protocols, standard ethernet, introduction to cryptography,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as multilevel multiplexing is a technique used when data rate of an input line is with answering options empty, single, multiple of others and none to test study skills. For e-learning, study online bandwidth utilization: multiplexing and spreading multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Multilevel Multiplexing - Worksheet 256

Multilevel Multiplexing Quiz

MCQ. Multilevel multiplexing is a technique used when data rate of an input line is

  1. empty.
  2. single.
  3. multiple of others.
  4. None.


User Datagram Protocol Quiz

MCQ. A process that requires simple request-response communication with little concern for flow and error control is called

  1. UDP.
  2. ICMP.
  3. IP.
  4. Source.


Unicast Routing Protocols Quiz

MCQ. OSPF stands for

  1. Open Shortest Path Filled.
  2. Open Shortest Packet First.
  3. Open Shortest Path First.
  4. Open Shortest Path Failed.


Standard Ethernet Quiz

MCQ. Flag of Start frame diameter (SFD) is

  1. 111000011.
  2. 10101011.
  3. 10010011.
  4. 11011011.


Introduction to Cryptography Quiz

MCQ. In symmetric-key cryptography, same key is used by

  1. One Party.
  2. Multi Party.
  3. Third Party.
  4. Both Party.

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