Networking Basics MCQs Test Online pdf Download

Practice MCQs on networking basics with networks tests for online test prep and learning. Free study guide has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with networking basics quiz as combination of two or more networks are called, answering options internetwork, wan, man and lan for exam prep. Study to learn networking basics quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Networking Basics

MCQ. Combination of two or more networks are called

  1. Internetwork.
  2. WAN.
  3. MAN.
  4. LAN.


MCQ. Advantages of security, robust and eliminating traffic includes in

  1. Mesh.
  2. Ring.
  3. Star.
  4. Bus.


MCQ. Average data rate is equals to

  1. amount of data/ amount of interties sent.
  2. amount of data/ time.
  3. time/amount of data.
  4. None.


MCQ. Elapsed time between an inquiry and a response is called.

  1. Transit Time.
  2. Delay Time.
  3. Processing Time.
  4. Response time.


MCQ. Nodes are another name of

  1. Devices.
  2. Links.
  3. Codes.
  4. Modes.

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