Wireless LANs Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Practice wireless lans multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer networking test 1 for online exams. Practice ieee 802.11 frames MCQs questions and answers on ieee 802.11 frames, ieee 802.11 standards, baseband layer, lans architecture with answers. Free wireless lans quiz, online study guide has helping answer key with choices as request to sent, clear to send, distributed interframe space and short interframe space of multiple choice questions as control frame that is sent by destination station is called to test learning skills for viva exam preparation and job's interview questions. Study to learn ieee 802.11 frames quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Wireless LANs Quiz PDF Download Test 1

MCQ. The control frame that is sent by the destination station is called

  1. clear to send
  2. Request to sent
  3. Distributed Interframe Space
  4. Short Interframe Space


MCQ. The field retry means retransmitting frame when its value is set to

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. -1
  4. infinity


MCQ. IEEE 802.11 have three categories of

  1. frames
  2. fields
  3. signals
  4. sequences


MCQ. The access method of baseband layer is

  1. FDMA
  2. TDMA
  3. FSK
  4. CDMA


MCQ. A BSS without an AP is called an

  1. adhoc network
  2. infrastructure network
  3. connectionless network
  4. channelization network